The Milk Collector Bundle
The Milk Collector Bundle
The Milk Collector Bundle
The Milk Collector Bundle

The Milk Collector Bundle

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Collect every drop! The Milk Collector Bundle includes the perfect essentials to add to your breastfeeding toolkit. Whether you are nursing or need to pump on the go, this bundle will help ensure you don't lose any of that liquid gold. The best part is there are no cords, batteries, or assembly required, making it perfect anytime anywhere.

The bundle includes:

The Lactation Massage Roller gives your hands a break during breast massage by providing better stimulation and compression. The Lactation Massage Roller helps moms: 

  • Empty the breast more effectively
  • Improve milk flow and letdown
  • Reduce reoccurring clogged ducts
  • Stimulate the breast

The Milk Collector - Silicone Breast Pump makes it easy to collect breast milk while nursing. Simply suction it to your breast and watch the liquid gold flow. 

  • Collects 90ml/3oz
  • Includes protective cover / lid
  • FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone
  • BPA PVC and Phthalate Free
  • Lightweight and Portable

Benefits of Breast Massage

Breast massage is an important part of ensuring proper milk flow when emptying the breast. Studies show that practicing breast massage while nursing or pumping helps increase milk output by up to 48%. While massaging alone does not directly increase milk supply, it will help drain the breast more effectively, signaling your body to produce more.