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Getting to Know Your Lactation Massager

In this video we show you how to charge your lactation massager, turn it on, and change vibration modes.




I don't see a charging hole, how do I plug it in?
On the bottom of the massager you will see a small circle indentation. There is a very small hole even though it is not visible. When you push in the plug, the hole will open up and stay inside. Make sure the plug is plugged in all the way so the device is able to charge.


How long do I charge the massager and how do I know when it is fully charged?
The massager usually takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour to fully charge. During charging you will see the LED lights blinking blue, and when it is finished charging the LED lights will stay on solid (no more blinking).


My massager is not working or turning on, why?
Some users have noticed the massager seems to not turn on. There may be two reasons. First, make sure to firmly press and hold the center of the center power button for 3 seconds. If the button is not pressed in the center, sometimes it may not hit the internal switch correctly.
Once the massager is on, you will see the LED lights turn on but not vibrate. This is normal. Press on the center button a single time to start the vibration. Then you can continue to press the center button to change vibration modes.